Wellness / Oasis of power






A full body massage, by a trained masseuse

lasting one hour, for 15 Euro


.Aloe Vera treatment for application on the skin

but also for drinking

Kalle the soul companion


If you are looking for help:

because your life is different than it is dear to you,

you are always disappointed,

because you are always making "bad experiences",

because you are dissatisfied,

because you have physical problems,

then i can help you

I have become a Soul Healer and have the gift of empathizing with other people.

I can also relieve or dissolve pain.

But I am more for the fact that my counterpart recognizes the causes of the pain.

A different view of the challenges of life, one can avoid this.

It is important to live in harmony with life.

So I will show you a way that you can go to live happy and happy and healthy.